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Whirlpool WFC310S0EB3 Parts List

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Item # Part # Description Price / Availability Add to Cart  
1 W11047681 Instructions, Installation Call for Availability
1A W11235900 Owner's Manual Call for Availability
1B W11245179 Wiring Diagram Call for Availability
2 WPW10196405 WPW10196405 Bowl, Drip (8") (left Front And Right Rear)
(Replaces: W10196405)
2A WPW10196406 WPW10196406 Bowl, Drip (6") (left Rear And Right Front)
(Replaces: W10196406)
3 8195534 8195534 Cooktop (black) $285.10
Special Order
3A 8195532 8195532 Cooktop (white) $181.90
Special Order
4 WP3195060 Hinge, Cooktop $7.30
Special Order
5 WP489355 Screw $4.50
6 WP3195812 WP3195812 Rod, Support
(Replaces: 3195812)
Special Order
7 WP3196154 Screw $4.50
Special Order
8 W11255552 Element, Coil Heating (2150w) (left Front And Right Rear) $63.70
Special Order
8A W11255551 Element, Coil Heating (1300w) (left Rear And Right Front) $58.30
Special Order
9 W10838686 W10838686 Bracket, Anti-tip
(Replaces: W10306542)
10 WP7101P485-60 Screw, Anti-tip Kit $18.70
Special Order
NI WPW10281322 Kit, Bare Wire Adapter Block   (Replaces: W10281322) $5.60
Special Order
W11172524 W11172524 Harness, Sensor $80.90
Special Order
N/P Following Parts Not Illustrated Call for Availability
W11226234 Harness, Main $80.90
Special Order
W11134595 Harness, Cooktop $68.40


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