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Maytag YAMV1160VAW7 Parts List

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Item # Part # Description Price / Availability Add to Cart  
1 W10313272 Cover, Waveguide $21.20
Special Order
2 W10108800 Plugs, Cavity $46.90
Special Order
3 W11319886 Rivets $13.00
Special Order
4 4393799 4393799 Turntable $64.30
Retail: $62.66
5 W11252182 W11252182 Ring, Turntable (with Rollers) $33.00
Retail: $32.16
6 W10435116 W10435116 Driver, Turntable Coupler $22.90
Retail: $22.33
7 W10770968 Plate, Waterproof $36.30
Special Order
8 W10642989 Motor, Turntable $107.90
Retail: $105.21


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