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Alliance AWZ52N*-1102 Parts List

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Common Parts for AWZ52N*-1102

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38174 38174

Agitate and Spin Belt (Comment: 60 Hertz; Models starting Serial No. 0011003354)
View #20 on Diagram
Retail: $25.33
Hub and Lip Seal Kit (Comment: Do NOT use any sealant other than 200996P Sealant)
View #10 on Diagram
Retail: $162.48
959P3 959P3

Idler Lever Kit (Comment: Includes items 5-15 (201189 Idler Lever Spring) and 38174 Agitate and Spin Belt)
View #16 on Diagram
Retail: $45.00
56461P 56461P

Shaft (Comment: Models through Serial No. 0107000541)
View #11 on Diagram
Retail: $6.08
38225P 38225P

Idler Pulley
View #15 on Diagram
Retail: $12.16
37820 37820

Agitate and Spin Belt (Comment: 60 Hertz; Models through Serial No. 0011003353)
View #20 on Diagram
Retail: $25.33
28944RP 28944RP

Lower Bearing
View #11 on Diagram
Retail: $25.14
38881P 38881P $166.40
Retail: $166.31
200996P 200996P $82.20
Special Order
RB150003 RB150003

Belt and Pump Kit (Comment: Includes 38174 Agitate and Spin Belt and item 17)
View #25 on Diagram
Retail: $61.67
735P3 735P3

Brake Pad Kit (Comment: Includes 3 pads and 6 of item 4)
View #3 on Diagram
Retail: $29.06
Transmission Assembly (Comment: Includes item 2 and Hub and Lip Seal Kit; Lip seal units only)
View #1 on Diagram
Special Order
Brake Kit
View #2 on Diagram
Retail: $46.08
Flex Vane Agitator (Comment: Flex vane)
View #14 on Diagram
Retail: $37.61
Anti-Seize Compound (Comment: Apply to smooth area of both the upper and lower transmission tube that will be contacting the upper and lower bearings and apply to spline area of upper and lower transmission tube that will be contacting the washtub)
View #NA on Diagram
Retail: $5.09


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