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Spark Modules and Electrodes


1-Outlet AAA spark generator (Universal)

Special Order (Part #: MM-03310)


2-outlet AAA spark generator (FITS WEBER)

 In-Stock (Part #: MM-03321)


2-outlet AAA spark generator (Universal)

Special Order (Part #: MM-03320)


2-Outlet Battery Spark Generator Kit (2 Prong)

 In-Stock (Part #: FM-3199-47)


2-Outlet Spark module (PGS)

Special Order (Part #: 402222)


2-Outlet Spark Module (Twin Eagles)

 In-Stock (Part #: 16157Y)


3-Outlet Spark module (PGS)

 In-Stock (Part #: 402322)


4-outlet AAA spark generator for Weber

Special Order (Part #: MM-03341)


4-outlet AA spark generator (Universal)

 In-Stock (Part #: MM-03340)


4-Outlet Battery Spark Generator (4 Prong)

 In-Stock (Part #: FM-3199-48)


4-Outlet Spark module (Twin Eagles)

 In-Stock (Part #: 16156Y)


6-outlet 9v spark generator for DCS

 In-Stock (Part #: MM-03360)


6-outlet AA spark generator

Special Order (Part #: MM-03350)


Electrode for Charbroil, Kirkland, Thermos

Special Order (Part #: MM-00653)


Electrode replacement kit for Fire Magic grills

Special Order (Part #: MM-03199)



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