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Whirlpool KEBC247VWH02 Parts List

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Common Parts for KEBC247VWH02

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WP9759242 WP9759242

Thermostat, Thermal Overload   (Replaces: 9759242)
View #37 on Diagram
WPW10131825 WPW10131825

Sensor   (Replaces: W10131825)
View #29 on Diagram
Blower, 45mm (lower)   (Replaces: W10016550)
View #3 on Diagram
WP4456654 WP4456654

Wiring Harness Parts, Assembly, Fuse   (Replaces: 4456654)
View #NI on Diagram
8186589 8186589

Jack, Meat Probe   (Replaces: 9755543)
View #15 on Diagram
Special Order
4396923 4396923

Accessories, Broiler Pan & Grid
View #NI on Diagram
Special Order
Blower, 65mm (upper)   (Replaces: W10176670)
View #3 on Diagram
WPW10195934 WPW10195934

Latch, Motorized   (Replaces: W10195934)
View #22 on Diagram
W10758272 W10758272

Blade, Fan   (Replaces: W10116351)
View #11 on Diagram
WP9760587 WP9760587

Transformer, Control   (Replaces: 9760587)
View #7 on Diagram
W10355010 W10355010

Accessories, Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner
View #NI on Diagram
Special Order
WP4455605 WP4455605

Receiver, Hinge (left)   (Replaces: 4455605)
View #3 on Diagram
WP8301848 WP8301848

Latch, Sister Board   (Replaces: 8301848)
View #7 on Diagram
WP3400832 WP3400832

Screw   (Replaces: 3400832)
View #17 on Diagram
Wiring Harness Parts, Harness, Latch
View #NI on Diagram
Special Order


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