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Whirlpool WFE530C0ES1 Parts List

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Item # Part # Description Price / Availability Add to Cart  
1 WP3196175 WP3196175 Screw $4.50
2 W10813962 Drawer, Storage $69.40
Special Order
3 WPW10462912 WPW10462912 Bracket, Mounting Drawer (white And Black Models) $53.00
Special Order
3A W10838990 W10838990 Bracket, Mounting Drawer (stainless Model) $34.60
Special Order
4 WP3196814 WP3196814 Rivet, Push (white)
(Replaces: 3196814)
4A WP3196813 WP3196813 Rivet, Push (black) $6.20
Special Order
5 W11219377 W11219377 Drawer, Front (white) $80.70
Special Order
5A W11230488 W11230488 Drawer, Front (black) $80.70
Special Order
5B WPW10330070 Drawer, Front (stainless) $170.50
Special Order
6 W10763667 W10763667 Glide, Drawer Rear
(Replaces: W10674708)
Special Order


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